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Houston Heights is one of the most awesome neighborhoods you can live in while in the state of Texas. The homes have a unique charm and the tree-lined streets make the area to be beautiful, calm and very relaxing. Also the fact that it is located near award winning schools, great recreational facilities, and entertainment joints makes it a perfect place for people to move in.

If you are considering moving to The Heights or you want to move from one area of The Heights to another, we would to make known to you our quality, affordable and reliable moving services. At Hercules Movers and Packers, we give you the right induction when you move into Houston Heights by offering you with a nice and memorable moving experience.

Choosing the right mover in Houston Heights

Your ideal choice of moving and packing company should be a company with the experience, expertise and the right equipment to ensure the safe packing and moving of your possession. At Hercules Movers and Packers, we have the perfect combination of staff, equipment and experience to accord you with the ultimate moving experience. In our moving arsenal, we are endowed with the following:

  • Furniture Dollies – for moving awkward of large pieces of furniture
Houston Heights Movers - Hercules Movers & Packers
  • such as dressers and pianos
  • Moving pads and blankets – for covering furniture and keep them safe from scratches they might sustain during the moving process.
  • Packing tape and scissors – for securing blankets and ensure that all boxes remain closed after packing. Also to keep small items like nuts, bolts and screws attached to the sides of appliances or bottom of tables so that they are not lost or easily misplaced.
  • Utility Dolly – for moving tall and narrow pieces of furniture or for stacking items
  • Ropes and straps – to securely strap large packing boxes to avoid them from flying open and risking the safety of your family members during the moving process.
  • Stair roller – for safe transportation of items down the stairs without causing any damages.

Hercules Movers and Packers

We invite you to try out moving and packing services for a different experience whenever you need to move in Houston Heights. Some of the nice features of our services include guaranteed customer satisfaction, affordable rates, We Break We Pay policy, quality customer experience, free no-obligation quotes and we are also licensed and fully insured.

Call us today at 888-300-8359 to book our moving and packing services in Houston Heights.