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Pack a Kitchen

When the time comes for moving, it is important to come up with a plan

When it comes down to pack a kitchen, you should follow the following tips to ensure that all of your kitchenware gets to your new home in their original condition.

  1. Sort out the different components- All of your kitchenware should be organized into different sections. First of all, decide which items you will not be taking with you to your new home. Throw these items away or donate them. Once this is done, organize whatever you have left into different piles; different dishes and cups should be together, utensils,
Pack a Kitchen - Hercules Movers & Packers
  1. pots and pans, dishtowels, etc.
  2. Get different boxes of different sizes- We recommend purchasing different boxes of different sizes from a reputable moving company or possibly a professional box company. Do not buy boxes from a grocery store because they are not designed to handle moving.
  3. Put aside your essentials- It is important to have your essentials in a separate box because when you finally move into your new home, you may not want to unpack everything right away. So if you have your essentials in a separate box, you can just worry about that one box, so you have whatever you need, and eventually get to the rest.
  4. Pack a kitchen the inessentials- You should start by packing the things that you do not need for everyday life. Things like decorative vases or cookbooks. Pack them into the appropriate boxes so you will not have any broken kitchenware when unboxing.
  5. Next, handle the fragile items- Any dishes, glasses, or china should be packed next. Pack like items together. Make sure that you have enough packing paper to fill any extra spaces. Make sure that these items are well protected and packed extra tight. The boxes cannot be too heavy,
Pack a Kitchen - Hercules Movers & Packers
  1. or they will break.
  2. Pots after that- make sure you pack your pots in a medium sized box and leave one out, you might need one before you move.
  3. Then the Utensils- Next are your utensils. Make sure that before you pack a kitchen all of your utensils you leave some of them out so you have them while unpacking. Wrap the forks with the forks and spoons with the spoons, possibly five or six together.
  4. Finally the cupboard- There are many canned food items that you should not pack. You will probably want to keep foods such as spices and oils.
  5. Tape it up- Perform a final check on all of your boxes. Everything should be protected and not too heavy. Make sure the boxes aren’t heavy enough that they will break. Remember to use a good packing tape.
  6. Mark the boxes- Make sure to mark all the boxes, so you know what it is inside. Remember to mark the boxes that are fragile so you remember that the elements are fragile. You should also indicate where those boxes should go, in this case, they are kitchen boxes.